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Horseback Riding in the Khentei Mountains
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Duration: 7 days
Transportation: Horse, Car, Airplane
Accommodation: Hotel, Ger tourist camp, tent camping
Departure date: Any time between June 15 and Sep 15
Tour grade: Demanding
Tour code: A2

Destinations: Ulaanbaatar City, Burkhan Haldun Mountain, Khar Zurkhen Khoh Lake (Black Lake in Blue Hearts)

Horseback riding in the land of Great Genghis Khan

Horseback riding expedition, Ulaanbaatar city tour, Nomadic Family visit
Suggested Customization
Add State Naadam Festival during July 10-12 or Naadam Festival either in Mungun-Morit soum in Tuv province or Baganuur City
Add 1-3 day Nomadic Family Homestay
Have more or fewer horseback riding days
Combine with other trips
Trek in different areas of Khentii Mountain
Add or Remove 1-2 day Ulaanbaatar City Tour

Day 1: Arrival to Ulaanbaatar city. After some personal refreshment, start your guided city tour.
Visit to Zaisan Memorial to see view of the entire city. Our staff will guide through some major
spots such as Sukhbaatar square and Opera House. Visit the Museum of Natural History and
other museums if time allows. Stay overnight at the hotel.

Day 2: Drive to a Baganuur soum in Khentii province and visit nomadic family. After lunch and
some preparation, start horse trekking to Khar Zurkhnii Khoh Lake (iterally translated as Blue
Lake in Black Heart), where Temujin was first crowned as a King of Mongolia and given the
name of Chinggis Khan. Stay overnight at a ger tourist camp close to the lake.

Day 3-5: Continue trekking back to the valley reach Kherlen river. Our final destination is
Burkhan Haldun mountain, a branch of Khentei mountains. Burkhan Haldun is sacred mountain
of Genghis (Chingis) Khan and is mentioned numerous times in the classic account of life of
Genghis Khan - The Secret History of the Mongols. In one of the stories, Temujin (Chilhood
name of Genghis Khan) and his family were saved by escaping to Burkhan Haldun mountain
and hiding in its dense forest, when one of their rival tribes attacked during the night. Tent
camping throughout the trek. 

Day 6: Drive back to Ulaanbaatar. After refreshment, tour Ulaanbaatar city with us or just relax
in the hotel.

Day 7: Take advantage of free time before your departure. Visit some cashmere, clothing,
souvenir and antique shops. Transfer to the airport.
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Tour A2: Sacred Mountain Horseback Trip
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